The SMARTER way to learn Chinese

Testimonials From Happy Parents

  • My twins tried other centres before but found it boring. But they loved the class and animated storybooks at KidStartNow. My son went from refusing to allow me to speak Mandarin, to being able to speak it fluently every day. According to his Chinese teacher in school, he has improved significantly.

    - Joey, Mother of P and S (N2)
  • E has made tremendous improvement over the last 6 months. He used to hate speaking Chinese and used to refuse to answer his Chinese kindergarten teacher. After the second lesson at KidStartNow, he started speaking more Chinese and became more interested in the language. After just two terms, he is much more fluent in Chinese and has made great progress in word recognition and Han Yu Pin Yin, just in time for P1.

    - Vanessa, Mother of E (K2)
  • Kyle has attended 4 lessons so far and i must say, I am a really happy mom! Just 4 lessons and I caught Kyle initiating conversations with his grandparents in mandarin! And if you speak to him in mandarin now, he will attempt to reply you back in mandarin! All theses from a Jiak Kantang (english speaking) boy! I am impressed he picked up really fast and is speaking mandarin with confidence!

    - Ting, Mother of Kyle (K1), Mommy Blogger (Miracule)
  • Matty was reluctant to start any kind of Chinese class – his knowledge of Mandarin was near zero 6 months ago. But he took to KidStartNow immediately, and we saw a great difference from lesson one. Once, we were at a supermarket and he spontaneously called out Chinese names of fruits and vegetables, which is amazing for a mixed boy. He’s so excited every Friday, asking when he can go to class.

    - Vanessa, Mother of Matty (N2)
  • I was most impressed with teacher Hong Mei! She relates really well to children. Children have an acute sense of who genuinely cares. She was very patient with K, and gently persevered in getting K to warm up to her, even though K was initially very resistant to being dropped off. But by the end of the class, K was giving her a big hug and promising to attend the next session!

    - Lyn, Mother of K (K2), Mommy Blogger (Lyn)
  • Bravier is really eager to attend classes at KidStartNow. We saw quite a lot of improvement in just 6 weeks. Previously he knows almost no Chinese, not even his name, and would not respond properly when we spoke to him in Chinese. Now he is more confident and willing to mimic and communicate with us at home in Chinese.

    - Krissy Ng, Mother of Bravier (K1), Mommy Blogger (Three Bundle Of Joys)



Learn Smarter, Not Harder

Studies show kids learn up to 4x faster when they are engaged and motivated. Forcing kids to do endless flashcards and exercises without making the lesson appealing will make kids hate Chinese and achieve poor results.

Our curriculum combines great teachers, engaging digital media and fun games to make learning Chinese fun and effective.

Our students love coming for class!

Build's your child's self esteem

To succeed, your child needs to believe that they can excel in Chinese. We use a combination of Growth Mindset & Gamification to motivate kids to believe and work hard.

Kids are given digital coins when they participate in class or do homework, which can be exchanged for rewards. This gamification system motivates students to fast-track their learning, with similar techniques employed by leading US universities such as New York University, University of Michigan and Indiana University.

Personalise your child's learning

Your child is unique, so why should they learn the same way as everyone else?

Using Singapore's first artificial intelligence system for Chinese, we track your child's strengths, weaknesses and learning styles. We then tailor our teaching accordingly to ensure your child learns faster and easier.

We also provide parents with monthly reports on your child's progress, areas for improvement, and actionable tips on how to help them continue learning Chinese at home.