In 4 days, we'll help transform your child's Chinese.

This June holidays, we’re bringing back two Experiential Learning Camps by popular demand! Especially for parents who want to help your kids build interest and write more Chinese!

With the astonishing difference that this camp makes on children’s attitudes towards learning Chinese in just 4 days, the camp has earned rave reviews by 20 prominent mummy bloggers. This camp has consistently sold out since its inception in 2013 – so sign up early to avoid disappointment!


Experiential Vocab/Oral Learning Camps

Do your kids dislike learning Chinese? Tired of the rote-learning and boring classes? Want to help your kids rediscover their passion for Chinese?

Our highly rated Chinese holiday camps are back, this time in a special stick puppet format focusing on oral and vocabulary! Let us help your kids discover the joy of using the language naturally. Join us as we immerse your child in an environment that will surely pique their interest in the language!

Immerse your child in hands-on handicraft activities

To improve oral confidence through stick puppetry and other exercises

Participate in fun team-based games that brings the language to live for them

Digital reward system that helps encourage and motivate your child to actively participate in class

Max of 8 students

Pri School Experiential Compo Camps

We all know it's difficult to get our kids to enjoy writing Chinese compositions. After all, most writing classes involves tons of memorisation and rote learning, and endless complains from our kids about "boring writing".

Having witnessed these problems for many years, we decided to create an Experiential Writing Camp to help children love writing in Chinese again… and score higher for their next compo test as icing on the cake!

Build your child's interest in writing compositions through experiential learning

Learn proven writing techniques to better structure essays for easier writing

Learn impressive and useful idioms and phrases to score higher during exams

Engages kids by connecting their experiences with the topic, helping to rekindle their interest in writing.

Digital reward system and team-based games to make classroom learning engaging and effective

Max of 8 students

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At K2, Raeann was very weak in Chinese and could barely recognize the basic Chinese characters. She dreaded learning Chinese and had no interest to communicate with us in Mandarin too. Through the activities and the interesting teaching methods, Raeann improved tremendously in her Chinese. At P1, she scored mostly full marks for her weekly Chinese Spelling and would often try to speak to us in Mandarin now.

Last but not least, Dan has been most helpful to accommodate our requests as much as possible and ensure that the children are well taken care of by his group of committed and passionate teachers. Keep up the good work, KidsStartNow!

- Alicia, Parent of Raeann (P1)